InFocus Showcase x VidCon Original Screen Room

InFocus is an exclusive showcase of the top digital series, hit formats and fresh talent redefining online content. A curated line-up of the most premium digital-first producers meeting the broadcasters, platforms and brands at the cutting-edge of content. This is the must attend event for everyone who believes premium digital video is the content of the future. The digital generation are hungry for more than influencers and social posts, they are growing up and deserve quality online storytelling content. Meet the new generation of digital producers serving up the content of the future and hear from innovative commissioners paving a direct path to audiences.

2:00 PM -3:30 PM

InFocus Showcase: Meet The Freshest Digital Producers and Commissioners Changing The Game

Moderator/Hosts: Alex Ayling & Nick Hayward

Showcase 1:

  • SBTV - Isaac Densu
  • Kyra TV - Iona Goulder
  • Twitter - Bruce Daisley

Showcase 2:

  • Afterparty Studios - Ben Doyle
  • RiffRaff x The Narrative - Lawrence Kao & Tom Berensden
  • Tilt9 - David Milchard

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

The value of digital commissioning: a new revenue stream or a drain on the marketing budget?

The TV world is colliding with online video and everyone wants a digital audience, but at what cost and from whose budget? At a time when Netflix and Quibi are investing in premium short-form, broadcasters are future proofing for digital, and every month we see higher quality content on ad funded platforms. This panel un-packs how the digital commissioning world is reinventing the wheel and where the money is (or isn't) coming from. Hear from the BBC, ITV and Gunpowder & Sky on the paths they are forging and why.

Panellists: Janine Smith, Daisy Griffith, Pasa Mustafa

Moderator: Nick Hayward

Moderated by: Nick Hayward (Executive Producer - The Narrative)