The YouTube Channel Audit: How to Objectively Assess Your YouTube Channel

How do you know if your YouTube channel or channels are doing well? They may seem healthy from the recent view counts, but are they really achieving the success they should be? Are they succeeding because of the strategy or simply getting by in spite of it? And what if you oversee a large video team? What about a distributed team, or if you have outsourced it to an agency? How do you know if they are running your channels according to best practice? Using a real-life case study, Tom will show you an objective framework that will let you see in black and white whether or not your channel is being run optimally and achieving its full potential. Tom will share his unique audit framework that he has used to turn around the fortunes of some of the world’s largest YouTube channels. From branding and design, channel strategy, content strategy, and video SEO, this will cover every aspect of how a YouTube channel should be run.