Think Forward >> 2020: The Social Trends Brands Need to Know

This session will be an overview of We Are Social's latest annual global trend report, comprised of the platform innovations, social motivations, and cultural trends set to shape society and advertising. This year’s report is focused around the new rules of the internet. Historically, the internet has been a wild west, free from the rules and restrictions of the physical world. But historically, this culture of lawlessness has acted as a double-edged sword, rife with problematic tensions. In response, 2019 has seen a growing bank of rules and restrictions put in place — by users, creators, platforms, brands, authorities, and more — to attempt to stave off some of the negative impacts of this knife edge. During this session, We Are Social’s Chief Strategy Officer Mobbie Nazir will present an overview of the report’s findings, along with the key learnings for brands and marketers.