Social to Shopfront: How Twisted Transcended the Online World

In just four years, Jungle Creations’ flagship food brand, Twisted, has become the UK’s number one food and drink social media publisher, with over 30 million followers around the world. Recognizing the growing consumer love for the brand, in 2017 Jungle Creations launched the world’s first-ever delivery-only restaurant born from a Facebook page, Twisted London, which has since expanded to 40 sites across the UK. This year, the company announced the upcoming launch of the Twisted Store, which will sell a range of Twisted branded kitchenware, and in April 2020 Twisted will release Twisted: A Cookbook. Hear from Jungle Creations’ Founder and CEO about how Twisted grew its massive following online and how they’re creating meaningful experiences for Twisted’s fans in the real world.