Do We Deserve Your Attention?

We need to be honest about the human capacity for attention. We are in an epic battle for eyes and ears, converging into narrowing spaces and facing competition from a myriad of brands, both in and out of our sectors. Because of this “smash and grab” raid on our attention, we must ask ourselves, “Do we deserve your attention?” and be brutally honest with ourselves about the answer to that question. Having had a front-row seat to Hollywood’s ever-changing challenges for 10 years, Marcus has become an expert in how some of the most forward-thinking marketeers can capture your attention, when they fall short, and why and how this can be applied outside the world of entertainment. In this session, join Marcus Foley, co-founder of Tommy, to explore key tactics deployed on behalf of some of the biggest disruptors around, like Netflix. This session will cover everything — first frame strategies, “gamifying” the digital experience, subverting the familiar — all in the name of earning your attention.