Work with the YouTube Algorithm, Not for It: Tips and Tricks for Developing Smart Strategies on YouTube

The “YouTube Algorithm” is often cast as the great villain in the story of you generating success on the platform. Due to this, one of the most common traps content creators fall into is devoting too much time and effort into “beating” or “gaming” the algorithm, building temporary win conditions and obfuscating other core issues that are more important to your overall success. In reality, the algorithm is simply the parameters under which we all play the game. If we can recontextualize the algorithm’s role in our content’s performance, we can focus on what doesn’t change every time there is an update. This opens up more resources and attention that can be used to build strong, evergreen audience strategies to foster your growth. In this session, we will go over the basic fundamentals of “WHY?” and learn how the answer to that one word question holds everything you need. We will look at tactics, tools, and tricks that will give you, the content creator, the confidence to know how the external forces are working so you can look internally at your own output as the ultimate source of your performance.