Deepfakes and Synthetic Video: Don't Panic, Prepare

Deepfakes have become a critical concern for celebrities and politicians. But as more sophisticated, more personalized, more convincing audio and video manipulation rapidly emerge, how do we get beyond the apocalyptic discussion of the end of trust in images and audio? We need to take the opportunity before we‘re in the eye of the storm for many potentially dangerous usages to instead focus on what we can do about malicious deepfakes and other AI-manipulated synthetic media. At WITNESS, the human rights network that helps people use video and technology to fight for their rights, we‘ve been leading cross-industry and civil society work to better understand what to do now. Based on our collaborations with technologists, media companies, platforms, journalists, and civic activists, you‘ll learn about types of deepfake and synthetic media, what‘s possible with the technology, the threats people are really worried about, and what we can do to defend truth, accuracy, and our faces and voices.