Can’t make it to VidCon London for the full weekend? No problem! Join us on Saturday as we showcase and celebrate the best online video has to offer in BEAUTY, LIFESTYLE, FASHION, and LGBTQ+ CREATORS. Your favorite Featured Creators will share everything from their own personal journeys to tricks of the trade and everything in between in tons of different panels and Q&As.

Please note: Community Saturday tickets will not have access to the Meet & Greet Hall or Lottery. Buy a full-weekend Community ticket to access the Meet & Greet Lottery and one more full day on Sunday to explore and take in another group of themes and fabulous Featured Creators. We can’t wait to see you!


VidCon Prom
Gather your friends and bring your Saturday night to a close at this epic Valentine’s themed dance party. Guest DJs will be playing your favorite songs for you to show off your best dance moves.

My Online Life vs. My Offline Life
Creators put their lives online, and sometimes the scale tips too far. What effect does sharing their world with the whole world actually have on their personal lives? How do they manage the responsibilities of offline while putting so much of themselves online, and how do they bounce back and keep the balance when things go sideways?

Online Bullying
Being a creator can be tough when you put your whole life and passion online. One negative side effect of this can be online bullying and trolling. In this panel we speak to some creators about how they manage online bullying and how this has affected them personally and online.

A Fashionable Lifestyle
Listen as these awesome, fashionable creators explain how they develop their personal styles, stay on top of the trends, and how they share their looks, routines, and tips and tricks with the world.

Finding Your Style & Voice
How can you stand out in a giant sea of creators? What makes your content unique to you? These panelists display strong senses of self through their online presence. Learn how they developed their definitive styles and perspectives.

Guide to Beauty Trends
From testing makeup hacks to trying out new products, we’ll chat with some beauty creators and discuss their approach to exploring the internet’s beauty trends.

Boss Women Who Kick Ass
These creators totally kick ass! They’ve started their own brands, launched products, businesses, shows, and much more. Learn how they got their start, how they’ve amassed teams of people to enable them to further their careers, and about some of the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

LGBTQ+: Coming Out Online
Coming out can be a scary and daunting experience, whether it be to family, friends, or the entire internet. These creators will talk about their experiences coming out, what those experiences taught them, and how they’ve grown as creators and people.

Where My Girls At?
Some of your favorite creators talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with great friends, dealing with peer pressure, the good and the bad of sharing your life online, and how they’ve found themselves — and true friends — in the process.

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Please note: These tickets will not have access to the Meet & Greet Hall or Lottery.