Can’t make it to VidCon London for the full weekend? No problem! Join us on Sunday as we showcase and celebrate the best online video has to offer in GAMING, ENTERTAINMENT, and ANIMATION CREATORS. Your favorite Featured Creators will share everything from their own personal journeys to tricks of the trade and everything in between in tons of different panels and Q&As.

Please note: Community Sunday tickets will not have access to the Meet & Greet Hall or Lottery. Buy a full-weekend Community ticket to access the Meet & Greet Lottery and one more full day on Saturday to explore and take in another group of themes and fabulous Featured Creators. We can’t wait to see you!


Night of Awesome
Bring your VidCon London to an end with this all out show spectacular featuring your favorite creators. See them one last time in exclusive performances, challenges, and IRL collabs! Community, Creator, and Industry Track attendees are welcome as well as Sunday Single-day pass holders.

The Stars of TikTok
We chat with some of the biggest stars on TikTok to discuss how they utilize the platform, what’s changed, and how they engage their communities.

Dangerous Duos
When two is better than one! Listen to these duo teams tell you the truth about working together and the real-life behind collaborating with your best bud.

Q&A – Animators Storytime
We chat with some of the biggest animators and storytellers online to discuss how they make their videos, collaborations, creativity, community, and more!

Partners in Crime
Listen as these couples talk about what it’s like to live with, work with, and make videos with their significant other. How do you find that work-life balance to keep boundaries clear and relationships healthy?

Keeping Up with the Challenges & Trends
The internet is never at a loss for trend creation. Whether it’s beauty, fashion, or something just plain weird, these creators are on top of it all. In this panel they’ll talk about how they keep up with the whole internet in order to entertain us.

Gamers Unite
Online gaming has become more than just playing games on consoles in your bedroom. We sit down and chat with some of the biggest gamers online to discuss everything from live streaming to creating worldwide gaming brands and new revenue streams.

Laugh It Up
Some of the internet’s funniest funny people talk about how they keep the comedy coming.

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Please note: These tickets will not have access to the Meet & Greet Hall or Lottery.