Being yourself on the internet could be your job. We’ll show you how.

Step up your creator game by attending the Creator Track and get the most up to date optimisation tips straight from social media platform professionals. Running Friday 15th February through Sunday 17th February, you will participate in ‘how-to’ workshops and attend sessions led by industry experts, which will educate and inspire you with real world ‘take home’ expertise you can incorporate into your content right away. 

With your Creator Track ticket you can:

  • Access everything that Community Ticket can, except Meet & Greets.
  • Does not include access to the Meet & Greet Hall or Lottery
  • Enter the Creator Chat Lottery (open now!) for a chance to chat with a Featured Creator about video production, social media management or anything else!
  • Attend Creator Keynotes, panels, and workshops to get unprecedented access and information to level up your channels.
  • Hang out in the Creator Track Lounge to swap ideas and meet creators from around the world.
  • Party, dance, and make friends at the exclusive Creator Reception.
  • Learn how to grow your audience, manage your brand, find your voice, and so much more.


How to Step Up Your Camera Game: Filming with a Budget
Join MetFilm School as they show you easy and budget-friendly ways to easy step up your camera skills and create high quality content. You will get insider tips on simple lighting setups and other techniques that will help you take your filming to a whole new level.

How Influencers Make Money and Monetise Their Content Online
Ever wondered how creators actually make money? This open chat with creators will explain all the different ways in which creators monetise their brand and new ways they are looking to expand their businesses.

Best Practices for Building Your Live Streaming Workflow
Join us for an entertaining and educational presentation featuring an inside look at different mobile live streaming tool kits and workflows for online and social media productions. Attendees will experience a step-by-step explanation of different gear options – starting with simple cell phone live streams to a mid-range setup, and then to a full professional production setup. You’ll explore real-world case study examples and learn production tips, tricks, and best practices. Plus, you’ll get a roadmap for accomplishing better live streaming without a huge crew or investment. Elevate and enhance your brand with mobile live streaming and get your questions answered.

YouTube Content Strategies Every Creator Needs To Know
Ready to grow, and also sustain, a loyal audience on YouTube? A YouTuber’s content strategy is the essential foundational element needed for massive YouTube growth, but it’s also the most overlooked! Come learn what YouTube metrics you should really pay attention to, how to create strong content, and how to test your content without hurting your channel.

20 Ridiculously Simple Tips YouTubers Are STILL Not Doing
VidIQ gathers more data on the creator universe than just about anyone. In this workshop, Jeremy Vest explores how some of the top channels in the world have used data to accelerate their subscriber and view growth dramatically. Join Jeremy as he gives 20 key tactics to accelerate growth –including how to find Unicorn Keywords– and the secret tools used by top headline writers.

Mastering a Niche: Niches Are Cool
Millions of minutes of content are uploaded to YouTube every day, which can be incredibly intimidating for novice creators trying to break into the world of online video. However, some creators have found success by targeting specific niche audiences, which has allowed these creators to engage on a deeper level with their fans. Specializing and tailoring content that they know their viewers want has proven to be a fantastic formula to achieve steady growth. Join these panelists as they discuss what it takes to stand out in a sea of creators.

Creator Business Models: The Balance Between Independence and Delegation
Creators have always been deluged with business proposals from MCNs, brands, and platforms – and new opportunities are continually appearing: merchandising, donations, royalties, membership programs, ect. Sorting through and dealing with those opportunities is hard to do alone; business models differ, the amount of extra work can greatly vary, the value and the reliability of revenues are hard to estimate, and comparisons are tough. Talent agents or MCNs, as well as some automated platforms (branded content platforms), can free up creators to focus on creation, but the skillsets of these intermediaries can be insufficient to deal with new opportunities, and transparency is often an issue. Through this workshop, Wizdeo’s team will give you practical tips and demonstrate tools to get the best out of business opportunities with the least waste of time, while staying in control of your business.

Podcasting 101 Workshop
Ever wanted to create your own podcast but found yourself not knowing where to start? Join Mike Russell in this workshop as he shows you all that is needed to get you started including equipment, editing software, and all the little tricks you need to create your very own high-end podcast.

What Makes a Good Thumbnail?
The thumbnail might just be the single most powerful way to get people to notice and watch your video. Join this presentation on how thumbnails function on YouTube, the components of a successful thumbnail, and where the algorithm might be headed in the future.

Success Strategies: Building Your Management Team
Finding the right management to help take your career to the next step can be daunting and very stressful. We sit down with some of the most successful managers and agencies to discuss everything you need to know about what makes a good manager. When is the right time to get management and what does a manager do? Everything will be revealed in this intimate and open chat.

Making the Right Merchandising Decisions
So you’re ready to take the giant step and start offering merch to your fans, but where do you start? Learn all you will need to know on decision-making, vendors, and systems for selling your sweet, sweet merchandise.

How to Create Viral Content
The secrets behind the art of creating viral content are a never-ending enigma. Learn from some of the best digital creators about how they spot viral trends and incorporate them into their content.

Understanding How Great Keywords and SEO Can Drive YouTube Success
Metadata in YouTube can be vital for discovery, and yet providing YouTube the accurate metadata can be harder than it looks. From titles to tags to descriptions, choosing the right keywords can be the key to getting a video recommended to the right people. During this presentation/workshop, Alex LowSpecGamer will explain some of the practices that can be used to hunt for keywords as well as how to create titles that balance clickability with SEO visibility.

The Secrets of Great Sound Design Workshop
Join audio expert Mike Russell as he shows you everything you need to know about getting the best audio from your equipment and editing tools. This workshop will share tips and shortcuts, along with cost-effective ways to take your audio to the next level.


Opening Show: 15th Feb.
Community Panels, Expo Hall, Activities, & VidCon Prom: 16th Feb.
Community Panels, Expo Hall, Activities, & Night of Awesome: 17th Feb.
Meet & Greet Lottery
*note chaperones have access to Meet & Greet Hall when accompanying child
Creator Keynotes, Panels, Workshops, Lounges, & Reception: 15th - 17th Feb.
Industry Keynotes, Panels, Workshops, Lounges, & Reception: 14th - 15th Feb.
Please note: This ticket does NOT include access to the Meet & Greet Hall or Lottery.