From YouTube and TikTok to Amazon and Netflix, social and digital innovations are radically changing media, marketing, and advertising around the world.

VidCon is the only event in London where the world’s top creators, growth hackers, online video experts, and leaders from the top video platforms come together to chart the future of the media industry. This unprecedented group of experts provides unparalleled access to strategies, secrets, tips, and insights about adapting and thriving during this digital transformation.

Since its launch in the US in 2009, VidCon has become THE place where the biggest players in the digital space come to learn new tactics, develop new strategies, launch new products, unveil new partnerships, and generate buzz.

This year’s Industry Track will provide deep, industry-changing insights on how to grow and monetize your business through online video platforms, building sustainable and profitable communities, best practices for using video to sell products and services, and in-depth strategy discussions that will change the course for the future of online video and media in the EU in general.

Industry Track Days: Thursday 20 February – Friday 21 February
Full days packed with strategies, tips, and tricks of the trade!

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You’ll Be In Good Company

Who should attend Industry?

  • Forward-thinking marketers looking to drive the future of online video and social media marketing.
  • Media company executives that aren’t satisfied with the status quo.
  • Brand strategists who want to profit from new media trends.
  • Creators and influencers who want to understand how to build real businesses in today’s shifting social video landscape.
  • Anyone affiliated with online video in a professional capacity in software development, at a production company, multi-channel network, or media company.
  • Advertising agency professionals who want to think beyond the 30-sec spot.
  • Television professionals who know AVOD, SVOD and OTT are the future of the industry.
  • Video producers, showrunners, and creative executives that want to learn how to develop and distribute across these new channels.
  • Audience development professionals looking for insights on the latest algorithm changes at YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch and beyond.
  • Business owners.
  • Influencer marketing or Talent teams looking to network and meet creators, influencer management companies, and brands.

Industry Track Perks

  • Access to all Community, Creator, and Industry Track programming, including the Meet & Greet and Creator Chat Lotteries.
  • Learn and gain insights from leading industry experts.
  • Build strategies, discuss ideas, and create new alliances.
  • Access our 1-on-1 networking service powered by Brella, which allows you to quickly build connections with fellow industry professionals. Learn more about our Networking Lounge HERE.
  • Attend the Industry Track Reception to network and meet new potential leads.
  • Network with Creator Track attendees the evening of Friday 21 February.
  • Breakfast & lunch available on 20 – 21 February.

Here Are Just Some of the Confirmed Speakers


“VidCon is the nursery from which our industry grew and the only place to meet and greet all the key players. If you want to know where we’ve been, and where we’re heading, don’t miss VidCon London this year.”
– Ashley MacKenzie (Founder & CEO, Fenestra)

“Last year’s Industry Track for the first time in London was an amazing experience. It feels like VidCon Europe finally established in the right country, where we can learn from each other’s skills and experiences even though we might not work in the same geographic markets. As for me, being active in the Dutch-speaking markets, I always like to follow the trends from the US and UK, where they are always a few steps ahead of us, so if you want to stay current, I definitely recommend coming to VidCon London 2020”.
– Romario Van’t Land (Founder & CEO, Hot Pepper B.V.)

“The VidCon London Industry Track offers attendees a comprehensive range of interesting and varied panels, talks, and fireside chats. The VidCon team never disappoints with a well-organised event that never lacks creativity. Whilst not yet on the scale of the well-established conference in Los Angeles it demonstrably shares the same DNA. We have it as a firm date in our team’s calendar each year and feel anyone in the business of creators, or those with an interest in it, should consider it a must-see.”
– Helen O’Donnell (Head of Development, BBC Studios TalentWorks)

“London’s first VidCon exceeded all expectations, in every way. From the turnout, to the variety of panelists and topics, great facilities and lounges, and a fantastic line-up of Europe’s top creators. The industry track offered unparalleled access to the top experts and leaders in the creator space and it was an honour to be involved in the incredible line-up for VidCon 2019. I’m excited to see what’s to come for VidCon 2020!”
– Lucy Loveridge (Global Head of Talent, Gleam Futures)

“VidCon is the leading event for industry insight every year. The level of presenters are far beyond any other social media event and they speak freely and openly about their success and plans for the future. Businesses are built off of information shared at VidCon each year.”
– Matt Heiman (Founder & MD, Diagonal View)