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Jungle Creations sits among the top creators on Facebook. In four year the company has gone from scrappy startup to a stalwart publisher of content. This conversation between Jungle Creations Founder & CEO Jamie Bolding and ex-CEO of BBC Worldwide explores how Jungle Creations has expanded, what the revenue opportunities on Facebook are now, and how longer form content is faring — with a look to the future of Facebook, Instagram and other social video platforms - along with the future of television and visual media in general.

Jamie Bolding - Founder & CEO of Jungle Creations
John Smith - Former CEO of BBC Worldwide

Video platforms have undergone a flurry of changes – from algorithm updates to new thresholds for monetizing content. This has led brands and creators alike to navigate a new landscape for creating content, but unaware of where to start their strategy and fearing new changes ahead. This session brings together industry leads from across Europe to discuss why brands and agencies should rethink their social strategies from one focused on marketing to one with monetization abilities; different opportunities for engagement (going beyond the thumbs up/down) and conversion; and how to put together a video monetization strategy flexible enough to weather ongoing platform shifts. Key stakeholders will share specific examples of brands, agencies, and creators in the space that have navigated these changes and where they could create ROI.

John Holdridge (SVP of Social Video Strategy – Fullscreen)
Scott Norville (VP, Digital Audience Development – 21st Century Fox) & others TBA.

You're a publisher or an Influencer, and you KNOW you ran a great branded content campaign. You even shared all the hard-won likes, views, retweets and more - but the advertiser still wants more proof. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO? In this session, join Tania Yuki, CEO, and Founder of Shareablee for a deep dive into best practices when it comes to measuring, and telling the story of the value of branded content - in a way that makes all the stakeholders sit up and pay attention

Tania Yuki (Founder and CEO - Sharablee).

Tired of being at the mercy of the big platforms and their algorithms? Want to own your own community, revenue, and destiny? In this session, Jeroen Wijering, creator of JWPlayer and a well-known veteran digital video innovator, will reveal best practices for building an “owned & operated” destination site. Topics include how to implement players, what analytics really matter, how to build a great mobile user experience, attracting and retaining large audiences, and monetizing with video ads and branded content.

Jeroen Wijering (Creator & Chief Innovation Officer – JWPlayer)

A humorous, but serious look at how “automated” creative thinking has become around videos. Have we really done all there is to do? Is the future just going to be retreads of old ideas? One of the top creative experts at Ogilvy explains how curiosity is driving the video marketplace and examines why good, effective video is such a rare commodity.

Robert John Davis (Head of Digital (USA) – Ogilvy)

Everyone has an opinion on what it takes to be successful with social video – but what audience development strategies will really shine in 2019? Gavin McGarry, President of Jumpwire Media, who has been unraveling social video trends for 15 years, will share the strategies he shares with his clients – including Red Bull Media, Sony Pictures Television, BBC, Fandango, Formula 1, CBC Music, and more. He will take you on a deep-dive into the latest social community development strategies, with some truly original and groundbreaking research that you can use today to start maximizing views, revenue, and profit!

Gavin McGarry (President and CEO – Jumpwire Media)

This detailed session will teach you the tricks of the trade of a search-driven video strategy, covering not only how to optimise your videos for YouTube search but also the foundations of ranking videos in traditional Google search. Fully 2% of Google searches end up in a video view – find out how you can dramatically increase your video views through effective SEO techniques. This session will teach you how to use search to drive views, including website strategies for cross-promoting your video content, why you need a video sitemap and some of the top free tools you can use to improve your ranking, clicks, and views.

Justin Briggs – (Founder and CEO – Briggsby)

Video may be relatively new to LinkedIn, but it’s an established social platform with over 500 Million global users. And by effectively tapping into LinkedIn Video you can expose yourself and your brand to this huge audience. Join the top branded content creator on LinkedIn as she lays out a step-by-step process for you to leverage LinkedIn video to grow your audience, increase engagement, build solid brand awareness and sell products and services.

Goldie Chan (Founder, Head of Content and Creative – Warm Robots)

A data deep dive that explores how viewing behavior, affinity, platform, genres, and creators differ between the top EU countries with an eye towards what’s changed over the past six months and what’s likely to change in the future.

Denis Crushell (Managing Director of International – Tubular Labs)

How do you create 360 videos that keep viewers wanting more? Is vertical video really more effective at communicating a message than horizontal video? What are we asking of our smart speakers more than anything else? Join Harry Brisson, Director of the Nielsen Media Lab, as he walks us through unique research that answers these questions and more – identifying actionable steps that brands, media, and creators can take to prepare themselves for what’s next in media trends and technology.

Harry Brisson (Director – Nielsen Media Lab)

Many creators and digital brands struggle to answer the question “what should we make?” They struggle, in part, because they don’t have a system of development in which to analyze their content. Matt Gielen hopes that understanding the taxonomy of digital video will allow a breakdown of the complexity of these programming choices into a structure and a system of thinking that ensures your videos will get watched.

Matt Gielen (CEO – Little Monster Media)

Influencer marketing is typically seen as a channel for Brand Marketing: focussing on top-of-the-funnel metrics such as views, reach and engagement. If handled correctly, it can be a much more powerful growth driver that combines Brand and Performance Marketing that drives bottom-of-the-funnel metrics such as downloads, customer sign-ups and sales.

Nic Yeeles (CEO – Peg.co)

The European Union's proposed Copyright Directive has sparked controversy among digital creators and social media platforms. Will such legislation better protect artists' works and help close the ""value gap"" between corporate giants and individual creators? Are free enterprise and creative expression at risk? What is the role of government regulation in an era of ""fake news,"" frequent online security breaches, and public outcries over media censorship? This panel brings together digital media innovators to examine the impact of this landmark legislation and debate the role of government in regulating online media.

James Creech (Co-Founder and CEO- Paladin)
Jon Cornwell (Co-Founder & CEO Newsflare)

Top digital video experts have a secret weapon in their arsenal – advanced keyword research techniques that ensure the right target audience discovers, enjoys and shares your videos. These techniques allow you to know exactly what your audience wants and the language they use to search for it. By knowing the right keywords to target and the steps needed to leverage them you can launch a successful channel from day one or revive a stagnant or failing channel. YouTube expert Tom Martin will share his proprietary keyword research and metadata system that he has used to gain millions of subs and billions of views for his clients. This is the best-kept secret for many YouTube industry professionals and is a must for anyone looking to grow and optimise their channels.

Tom Martin (Certified YouTube Growth Specialist - Channel Fuel)

New TV (the coming together of broadcast TV, Facebook video and everything in between) is reshaping how people and brands think of TV. Consumers see few distinctions as their viewing habits evolve and increasingly brands will follow. So the $70bn ad spend on traditional TV is in motion. But even that huge sum is dwarfed by the M&A deals that are proliferating. With Disney/Fox, AT&T/ Time Warner and Comcast /Sky the industry is being reshaped by the changing habits of viewers. And with GAFA focused on newTV too, we need to rethink business models, ad formats and user discovery. Join Simon Andrews, thought-leader and Managing Director at The Media Kitchen, as he talks about how to navigate these changes, and make the most of the newTV opportunity.

Simon Andrews (Managing Director - The Media Kitchen

A Note from VidCon GM, Jim Louderback:

The online video industry keeps changing quickly — sometimes minute by minute. An algorithm change by Facebook could seriously harm your business, but it also offers an opportunity to accelerate your growth. Fake influencers sap dollars and ROI from marketing campaigns, while truly influential creators continue to provide outsized returns to companies that know how to work with them. Your brand could be tarnished in minutes by association with bad actors and puerile creators, while the trend towards removing ads from truly honourable and valuable creator channels has caused much pain and loss of livelihood.

New megatrends on the horizon promise to create great opportunity — or extreme peril — depending on how you react. Consider crypto-currency and the blockchain, for example. The anonymous blockchain offers the potential to rewrite the rules between creators and fans, but the popping cryptocurrency bubble might just derail the whole thing. Virtual Reality is in the doldrums while its shiner cousin, augmented reality, gets all the happy press. Although the brickbats tossed at both VR and AR are surely misguided, those that do hit home could set either back years.

And what about newer sites, services, products, and platforms? Uncovering the next big thing can propel your business forward, while spending too much time on a dying platform can slow your progress.

We’re super excited to bring VidCon to London in 2019, and the Industry Track will continue to tackle the big issues laid out above, while providing hands-on workshops and seminars to help you build a bigger and better business on the media revolution of online video.

The media world is changing rapidly; fortunes are being made and lost every month. VidCon’s Industry Track provides the only place for Europe’s digital media industry to come together and learn from each other and from the unparalleled group of worldwide experts we bring to London. I am looking forward to seeing you there!

—Jim Louderback, General Manager, VidCon