So, your child has asked to attend VidCon…

No need to worry! We’ve got the resources in place to make sure you and your child have an equally great experience.

Attending VidCon as a Parent

Chaperone Info

If your child is under the age of 13, they must be accompanied by a parent or chaperone at all times. We require parents or chaperones to purchase the same ticket type as the child they are accompanying.

If your child is aged 13 or over, you are not required to accompany them at all times. If you do wish to accompany your child, you will need to purchase a ticket.

If the child you are attending with has a Community Track ticket, you may purchase a Chaperone (Community) ticket. This ticket has all the same access to the event as a Community Track ticket but does not provide access to the Meet & Greet Lottery.

Please Note: The Chaperone (Community) ticket does not provide Creator or Industry Track access. If you are accompanying a child on one of those tracks, you will need to purchase a Creator or Industry Track ticket.

Onsite Activities

What is there for you to do at VidCon?
If you bought a ticket to VidCon London, we encourage you to check out the event! You might be surprised by what VidCon has to offer. We’ve had a number of parents email us after the event to let us know how much fun they had at VidCon with their child. It’s a great way to get to know what your child loves and maybe find some joy in it yourself!

What is there for your child to do at VidCon?
There are a bunch of things for your child to do while at VidCon! There are panels, Q&As, performances, meet & greets, and an Expo Hall with tons of activities, games, and prizes for your child and their friends to explore.

No Badge? No Problem!

Hey, Mum & Dad — Are you accompanying a minor that is old enough to attend VidCon London without a guardian (age 13 or older)? Need a place to chill while your kid has the best time at VidCon? You will not be able to enter the event without a badge, but the ExCeL is a large venue with many restaurants and seating options. You can drop your kids off, stay close by, and enjoy a relaxing meal at any of these fine establishments. If you want to hang with your kids and see what this online video world is all about, purchase a reduced rate Chaperone Ticket and be a fan for the day!