Dalila Mujagic (Global Engagement - WITNESS)

WITNESS helps people use video and technology to fight for human rights. Recognizing the threat that deepfakes pose to trust in video, WITNESS has been at the forefront of global activities—in coordination with technical researchers, policy-makers, companies, media organizations, journalists and civic activists—aimed at building better preparedness for deepfakes. An advocate, media producer and legal researcher, Dalila leads WITNESS' global engagement and works on innovative approaches to digital activism and the meaningful exchange of tools/tactics on the creation of trustworthy video, use of video as evidence, filming for advocacy, and digital security. Her team’s materials reach 1M+ people each year with critical guidance on documenting abuses and ensure trustworthy video is seen from critical stories around the world. Dalila has trained activists and key stakeholders including the UNFPA, European Inter-University Centre, Google, and the International Bar Association.

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