Chris Lamontagne (CEO - Teespring)

Chris Lamontagne is CEO of e-commerce platform Teespring, the innovative social commerce platform behind Youtube’s Merch Shelf that allows creators to design and sell their highly-customized products online. He is a data-driven, entrepreneurial leader with a breadth of start-up knowledge across high growth environments. Chris began his entrepreneurial journey aged 20 years old, founding a sports-focused brand engagement platform that served top clients like ESPN and O2. In 2009, he was awarded with the title ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by The Prince’s Trust. Post a successful exit, aged just 23, he went on to found an all-electric car-sharing business and - a marketplace disrupting equipment rental.

In 2013, Chris joined Gett (formerly GettTaxi) as Head of Growth, and after working on go-to-market strategy, helped spearhead 400% year-on-year growth that lead to a $1.4bn valuation. During a brief spell in Venture Capital, Chris lead growth in portfolio companies at Hambro Perks, the venture firm and private investment funding that backs leading British technology companies.

Chris then made the move to Silicon Valley to take on a new challenge at Teespring, the innovative e-commerce platform that allows independent sellers to design and sell their highly-customized products online. Chris believes Teespring is the perfect intersection between online innovation and offline disruption, converging to create a revolutionary movement called ‘Pre-Commerce’. The company has shipped over 25 million products and paid out over $300m to its sellers, making more than 30 of them millionaires. Chris believes that any industry is capable of disruption if creativity and technology are amalgamated the right way.

Over the last few years, Teespring faced big challenges in sustaining its early growth. Ultimately this called for a shift in strategy and total overhaul in approach, which led to the creation of a playbook, designed and implemented by Chris and team, which can be employed by other businesses facing similar issues. Teespring today is profitable, growing, and a great example of how you can uncover value in any business.

Chris is a seasoned public speaker, and guest author for, This Is Money and Real Business, providing business insights from small business to Silicon Valley start-ups. Alongside his professional career, Chris has also recently begun studying Disruptive Strategy, under Professor Clay Christensen at Harvard Business School.

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