Imari Stuart

Imari Stuart is what happens when you mix effervescence with social media. The fun-loving 20 year old is best friends with (self-proclaimed) business mogul, Tana Mongeau; however, Imari has proven to be able to hold his own weight on social media. Imari's YouTube channel was created a little over 3 years ago and he has since attracted an audience of millions. Imari has proven his quick wit and intellect time and time again which has made him the desired subject for many collaborations. Most recently Imari played a main character on Season two of "The Reality House" (JC and Kian), and is a main cast member on MTV's "Tana Turns 21". Imari's most recent endeavors include turning his lifetime's worth of dance knowledge to the forefront of the Tiok Tok home page

Here's where you'll find Imari Stuart