Caspar Lee

Born in England, raised in South Africa, 23 year old Caspar Lee is best known for his popular YouTube channel featuring interviews, pranks and musings from his life. Now based in London, the internet sensation is one of the top international digital stars with more than 9 million subscribers on YouTube, with collaborations with some of the worlds biggest stars such as Ed Sheeran, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, Kevin Hart and Channing Tatum. Caspar has also experienced incredible success separate from YouTube. In 2015, he and fellow YouTube star Joe Sugg, wrote, starred and executive produced the travelogue specials ‘Joe and Caspar: Hit the Road' and "Hit the Road USA’, which set pre-order DVD sales records for Amazon, and both of which are available on Netflix. In 2016, he took the lead role in his first feature - 'Laid in America’, alongside YouTube comedian KSI. He recently released his memoir (Caspar Lee), which he co-wrote with his mother. In 2017, Caspar invested in the startup marketing agency - 'Influencer' and took the role of Chief Innovation Officer. He recently spoke alongside Richard Branson at a South African panel focusing on entrepreneurship and business knowledge, and was invited to attend Buckingham Palace to celebrate 'The Queen’s Young Leaders Award'. He was also the host of ’The BRIT Awards 2017 Worldwide Live Stream'. He is currently developing a TV series and working on a new business venture.

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