Dr. Jessica Piotrowski (Associate Professor - University of Amsterdam)

Dr. Jessica Taylor Piotrowski is the Director of the Center for research on Children, Adolescents, and the Media at the University of Amsterdam. A leading scholar in the field, Dr. Piotrowski studies how youth access and are affected by media. She is particularly interested in the ways in which media can positively support young people's everyday lives, and is committed to ensuring that academic scholarship contributes to an engaging and entertaining media space. Her co-authored open access book, Plugged In: How Media Attract and Affect Youth (Yale University Press, 2017), has been recognized as an "essential tool" for anyone interested in understanding children and media today and has received international recognition. A frequent VidCon speaker, Dr. Piotrowski's sessions always focus on what is known and what you can do to create and support a fun, safe, and successful media space for young people.

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